Grenfell Tower Tribute.

I write this with a heavy heart… A mind full of unanswered questions. 
I want to say; I send out my condolences to the families who have lost loved ones and rest in perfect peace to those who have lost lives.
My soul hurts writing this – I pray God grants all those affected with strength and guidance and courage to get through this.

This hurts…
It hurts more because this could’ve been avoided,

the government + the council have shown they don’t care and it’s just so disappointing.
they’ve emphasized the division between the rich and the poor,
but the poor have shown the qualities of what it means to be a human being which is knocking down doors.
this won’t divide us and can only make us more united.
better days are coming and we will fight this.

They disregarded the poor, 
but did not count on people’s power. 
Unity is strength and this is something we have shown,
We’re standing and fighting together until you tell us the truth and give these people brand new homes.

These deaths must count for something,
a mother without her sons or daughters,
kids without their parents,
brothers without their sisters,
families without their loved ones and have lost everything they own!

My heart bleeds..
We need to give the people justice.
Lip service will not do this time,
actions speak louder than words and we need actions.
and we will not stop until we’re given some truths and interactions.

The cries will never go unheard,
those screams will forever be ringing in the ears of those who witnessed this fire,
flashbacks rest on the surface of their eyelids,
adults, teens, babies and kids.
those cry out’s for help cascades off of the victims tongue’s + collapsed into the pits of this tragedy,
I can’t even begin to imagine the agony. Broken homes, broken hearts, broken souls.

Someone needs to pay for this and understand, we’re in 2017 there is no room for “Architecture mistakes” this is not okay.

The media will not be able to get away with downplaying the death count,
people need answers in order for them to take the next steps.
In a building full of up to 600 residents, double digits could not be the answer to how many lives have been lost!

I pay my full respects to the emergency services who did all they could the night it happened.

Does being poor mean you’re not human? .. no, no it doesn’t.
these people breathe the same air as you,
bleed the same color as you,
yet you treat them like they’re not human’s at all!

We all have rights – and this time, our rights and needs will be met. I am sorry to those who have been affected by this tragedy & please know;
our voices will be heard,
our light will not be dimmed,
our pain will not be covered with a plaster or bandage and be forgotten.

You will receive the justice you deserve and we will all fight with you until it is done.
I pray their are blessings around the corner for each and every one of you.

God bless you.


Romans 8:18 – the pain you are feeling is nothing compared to the joy which is yet to come.



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