these 9-5 thoughts


You can’t fault me for having a 9-5 in order to balance out my life and my chosen career path.

It’s ok to have a 9-5, if thats what you have to do to get to where you need and want to be, do it!

Whether it’s McDonalds, Sainsbury’s, Footlocker, JD, Carphone Warehouse, Marketing etc… It doesn’t matter where you’re working – you’re earning your way and getting one step closer to where you want to be! I know it gets hard and so draining at times, but you have to always remember the end goal, continue to remember why you’re doing this and what you’re going to get out of it.

Never compare yourself to others, yes, that person may of quit their 9-5 & now they’re doing what they love 24-7, but you don’t know the struggle behind what that person has gone through to get to where they are. My mum once told me “cat + dog don’t have the same luck” – so when you see someone doing something and they’ve done it successfully, this doesn’t mean when you try it, it’ll work for you exactly the same. stay in your lane, stick to what you know, keep pushing and I promise you, these blessings will come.

Do not let anyone else tell you otherwise – Whatever you do in life, you have to put in your 9-5 to achieve what you need or want to do. 9-5 doesn’t always mean 9am-5pm, it means putting in the time to achieve your goals and your dreams. Yes we get disheartened + it does become draining but always remember the end goal and if you don’t do this, no one else will do it for you. Your 9-5 is whatever hours you put into your work..

Keep going, keep pushing, you’re stronger than you realise – always have the end goal in mind at all times. All your hard work will pay off, you’ve got this, we’ve got this!!




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