between the lines – #hurtbae


I watched the video of the #HurtBae and genuinely felt triggered watching it. Not only because at one point I could relate too it, but mainly because many women are currently going through that exact situation.

I read a quote the other day that said – “Sometimes you need to feel that you’re not valued, in order to know what your value is.”  I was in a relationship, where I believed at times I was asking for too much because he couldn’t fulfill anything I wanted, even the simplest thing of communicating seemed like a task for him and I just couldn’t understand why certain things were happening.

Don’t ever feel because he isn’t delivering, then you should change your value.

Girl, no.

First things first, you cannot fall in love with someone, if you do not love yourself. Self love is a must, that same love that you baptise your other half in, you need to be able to drown yourself in that love too.

Let’s face it, when being ‘in love’ with someone, there’s a lot of stuff you’ll put up with just to keep that person in your life, there’s always that misunderstanding that you put up with anything when being ‘in love’ as I’ve found that’s not the case. I understand there’s also that fear factor you’ll never find anyone better or that same ‘love’ again –

But, I ask you… Is it really love?

Keeping your value and self love and most of all, your self respect is so key in any form of relationship. Please don’t settle for less than you deserve; because we all have choices, it’s a choice to be with someone, it’s a choice to treat that person correctly, it’s a choice to respect and love someone and commit to that particular person and it’s a choice for them to do the same to you.

So ladies, don’t be devalued and we all deserve to know happiness and there IS someone out there who will fulfil your needs. Sometimes, it’s all about timing and believe me, your time will come. 

Know yourself, know your worth as Mr Drizzy would say.





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